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Most Quiet Stainless Bearing Moulded Plastic Tri Spinner EDC Fidget Hand Spinner Toy

Most Quiet Stainless Bearing Moulded Plastic Tri Spinner EDC Fidget Hand Spinner Toy

Category:Toys & Hobbies

Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)

Type: Other Classic Toys

Average Spin Time:2-4 minutes

Function: Relieve Stress

Material:Eco-friendly Moulded POM

Features:smooth spinlong lastingno break

Spinner Size:76x70x12mm

Centre bearingSuper stainless steel bearing

fr<x>ame Color:blackwhiteredpurpleyelloworangebluegreen


Most Quiet Stainless Bearing Moulded Plastic Tri Spinner EDC Fidget Hand Spinner Toy

This is the most durable long lasting plastic hand spinner on market. The plastic frame is moulded with high quality,environmentally-friendly POM(polyformaldehyde) which is stronger than ABS or 3D printed frame you ever see before.


What's most amazing is the super stainless centre bearing we use for this special hand spinner. Our super stainless bearings are specially developed with Nano technology for hand spinners.High speed spinning,smooth rotation,no swing, pretty quiet!


Material: Moulded POM
Size: Approximately 76x70x12mm
Color: White/Black/Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Orange/

Average Spin Time: 2-3 Minutes
Pakage: Individual Box


●Quiet & Smooth Spin
●Durable Moulded POM Frame
●Better than ABS Spinner,No Break
●High-Speed & Low-Friction Bearing ABEC-5
●Maintenance-Free for Consistent Use
●Colorful Counterweight Bearing

Why Choose Our Hand Spinners?  Read on.........

Do you really know the material of your hand spinner bearing?

There are different material bearings used for the hand spinners, carbon steel,chrome steel, stainless steel, hybrid ceramic, full ceramic.

Say No to Rusted Hand Spinners!!

Have you bougt a hand spinner and found it get rusted after a few  days?

Don't be fooled by the cheap hand spinners with cheap bearings.

Never Use Carbon or Chrome Steel Bearings

Carbon Steel bearings rust very fast under daily use in a couple of hours.


Chome steel bearings rust slower,but also very easily in 1-2 days when contacting with moisture or sweat.


So you will found your hand spinners spin more and more slower, even stuck.

Is Your Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Anti-rust?

Most customers would like to choose Hybrid ceramic bearings over the others, because they believe the hybrid ceramic bearings are better than all the above bearings mentioned, smooth, long-lasting and high speed.
You may be right somtimes. Why? Please make sure your hybrid bearings have stainless steel races as they can be chrome steel ones. 


What happens if your hybrid bearings use chrome steel races?
They will rust as easy as the chrome steel bearings,then you will have to throw it as trash,so as your hand spinners.

Why Choose Our Szsmail Stainless Steel Bearing

Our Nano Stainless Steel Bearings are made by Szsmail Technology with full Stainless steel races, stainless balls which are super rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting for years.


What's more, the stainless bearings have similar high spped, smooth spin, long spin time as the hybrid ceramic bearings.Also they are much quieter than the hybrid ceramic bearings.

Follow us and get to know the truth about the bearings

We use the acid liquid to do a simple test to compare the easy-rusting bearing and our Nano stainless bearing.

Chrome Steel Bearing Before Test

The chrome steel bearing looks shining and clean before test.

Put one drop of liquid on the bearing race

Just put one drop of acid liquid on the bearing race

Wait 5 seconds

After dropping the liquid,wait 5 secodns and see what happens then.

Bearing Get rusted in just 5 seconds

Now you see the truth. The chrome steel bearing gets rusted in just 5 seconds.


Now Let's See What Happens to Our Nano Stainless Bearing

Nano Stainless Hand Spinner

Our Nano Stainless Hand Spinner is stainless and shining before test.

Drop the acid liquid on the centre bearing

Drop acid liquid to the centre bearing of the hand spinner.

Wait 5 minutes

After dropping acid liquid to the centre bearing,wait 5 minutes and see what happens to the our Nano Stainless Bearing.

Our Nano Stainless Bearing keeps stainless & Shining as before.

After 5 minutes, the centre bearing is still stainless and shining as before.

Detailed Images

What makes our hand spinner outstanding?


Nano Stainless Centre Bearing

Developed by Nano Technology, high precision,high speed,super stainless

Stainless Bearing 608

Super stainless,easy clean,100 times life than cheap steel bearings

Same spin time ,but quieter than hybrid ceramic bearing

High Quality Counterweight Bearings

90% of the plastic spinners use cheap bearings with plastic seals which tend to drop off easily and looks cheap.we don't scrimp on quality.Don't let the cheap bearing make your spinner cheap unless you want to.

Colorful Counterweight Bearings

Colorful rubber seals,well sealed,various color choices,

no break,never drop off

Smooth Spin, No Swing, Super Quiet

Hand Spin & Desk Spin

Average Spin Time 3-4 minutes

Same performance as the spinners with hybrid ceramic bearings,but much quieter

POM Moulded Frame

High quality & environmentally-friendly POM moulded frame,No break, more durable than ABS and 3D Printed frame

Nice Surface Finish

Nice surface, rounded edges, User-friendly,

no ejector pins marks

Packing & Delivery

Individual Box

We use nice box for the hand spinners, nice print.

OEM Package available

We also offer custom package to your request, you just need to send us your packaging design and tell us your ideas.

Fast Delivery

We have regular stock of the hand spinners in our warehouse, shipment can be arranged very fast.

All in-stock orders received Monday through Fridays are shipped the same day when full payment received.

What's the transit time?
For Europe and North America the transit time is 1-2days. For other parts of the world, depending on the country, the transit time is between 3-5 days.

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